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         1994年,“金话筒”杰瑞•巴瑞萨诺(JerryBarrisano)把我从香港大屿山的愉景湾岸边“捞上来”,给了我去亚洲体育集团面试的机会,并开启了亚洲篮球电视直播生涯。那时候我们第一次被介绍给亚洲体育集团的主席谢默斯•奥布莱恩(Seamus O’Brien)。在此之前,谢默斯早已经如闪电般与亚洲足协(Asian Football Confederation ,AFC)展开了商业合作,而这大概是至今为止亚洲体育史上最为成功的商业合作典范。随后他又与亚洲篮球协会展开全面合作(Asian Basketball Confederation ,ABC),并建立了亚洲高尔夫巡回赛,再接着就是亚洲体育广播网(Asia Sports Broadcasting Network)的成立。我与“金话筒”也正是那时候开始入行,一年后谢默斯邀请我加入亚洲体育集团并出任亚洲篮球协会推广公司的CEO。这家公司主要负责运营亚洲国家篮球队的比赛(奥运会和世界锦标赛),亚洲职业篮球锦标赛(“冠军杯”),以及一些推广项目。在与谢默斯共识并向其学习的那七年中,我获益匪浅,并在体育商业特别是篮球市场中逐渐成长、成熟。
        身处北美足球大联盟(North American Soccer League ,NASL),宇宙队在2013年和2015年都夺得了联赛冠军。如今他已经建立起来了成熟的商业平台,毫无疑问宇宙队将很快屹立于全美足球之巅。

It was 1994 when Jerry “The Voice” Barrisano (featured in 2016 Newsletter #3) grabbed me from poolside on Discovery Bay on Lantau Island (Hong Kong) and trooped us down for an interview with Asia Sport Group (ASG) about a TV broadcasting job doing Asia Basketball. We were introduced to ASG chairman Seamus O’Brien for the first time.  A couple of years prior Seamus had taken Asia sports scene by storm acquiring the commercial rights to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), that to this day probably is the most successful commercial rights partnership in Asian sports history, followed up by acquiring the Asian Basketball Confederation (ABC), founding the Asian Golf Tour along with forming the Asia Sports Broadcasting Network. “The Voice” & I got the gig that day. A year later Seamus invited me to join ASG as the CEO for ABC Promotions, the commercial rights company that operated Asia’s marquee national team events (Olympic& World Championships), Asia’s professional basketball championship (Champions Cup) and some exciting development programs. It was a terrific seven years working with and being mentored by Seamus as I cut my teeth in the sports marketing business & basketball (that is my sports love).

With two decades of success in hand, Seamus headed to New York (where he had kept a residence) in search of new glory that he found in the resurrection of America’s most famous & iconic football brand, New York Cosmos. While most football experts think football (soccer) is a quite new sport to the USA in fact in the 1970’s “The Cosmos”, based out of New York City, were described as ‘The Most Glamorous Team in World Football”. With Mr. Football Pele, Italian GeorgioChinaglia& German Franz Beckenbauer, more than 70,000 people a game regularly attended matches. So in August 2010 group honorary chairman Pele stepped up to media-packed conference and announced “The Cosmos are BACK!”Leading the charge for the old yet new franchise was none other than Seamus O’Brien.

Playing in the North American Soccer League (NASL), “The Cosmos” have racked up championships in 2013 & 2015 while building a business platform that no doubt will have “The Cosmos” at the top of all American football in a short while.

It was a great thrill sitting down with Seamus at the Beijing Shangri-La on May 24th to take a trip down memory lane as well as share thoughts about the future, which no doubt could see “The Cosmos” contributing to China football in years to come. I owe a great deal to Seamus for the opportunity to jump into the sports business in late 1995 and am thrilled he continues to make history in sports.

Truly amazing what a small world we live in!